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Bluefalo Dry Cat Food

All BLUEFALO  dry foods are made with the finest natural ingredients including real meats and vegetables, further enhanced with vitamins and minerals. These exclusive ingredients ensure cat's good health and well-being for all breed sizes and life stages.

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Kitten Food

(0-12 Months)

Image by Max Baskakov

Adult Cat Food

(1+ year Adult)

  Kitten Dry Food 


To keep kittens healthy, cat food should provide balanced nutrition for growth. We provide your kitten natural fish oil, DHA and choline which help their brain development.

Protein | Fat            30-40% | 9-18%

Fiber | Moisture     3.5-5.0% | 8.0-8.5%


Adult Dry Cat Food 


 For adult cats, we provide amino acid taurine which helps to maintain their vision as well as calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones

Protein | Fat          26-40% | 9-18%

Fiber | Moisture    3.5-9.0% | 8.0-8.5%

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